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We provide support for children, their families, and their communities.

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Developmental Milestones

What to expect at different ages, in all areas of development.

Infant Milestones

From gross & fine motor skills, communication, feeding, and more, learn what to expect of your baby from birth to 12 months of age. 

Toddler Milestones

From walking to running, talking and understanding, learn what to expect of your growing toddler between 1-3 years old. 

Preschool Milestones

Now that your child is really starting to grow and develop, learn what milestones to expect of your preschooler between 3-5 years old.              

School Aged Milestones

As your child enters Kindergarten and begins their journey into education, learn what milestones to expect of your child ages 5+.

Join us for a community or family workshop!

CTFRC provides a number of workshops to the community and families / caregivers. Two of our most popular workshops are included here. Click for more info or to register for an upcoming session!

Recent Reviews

What people are saying about CTFRC

CTFRC Parent

We received physiotherapy for our daughter who was being considered for a helmet for plagiocephaly. From our first appointment to our last, we received wonderful care. The staff at CTFRC were always very friendly, welcoming, and had a great spirit. The Physiotherapist was very kind, gentle and provided us with so much knowledge!                         

CTFRC Parent

The outlet to have a professional available for help and advice and direction was key in our success, along with the tips, tools and education I received. They are so great at checking in and making sure I know there are supports, if necessary.

CTFRC Parent

Having someone to talk me through the stages and calm my nerves about [my child's] development is what helped me the most. the sessions were always super informative and gave great advice on what to work on with [my child]. Just having the peace of mind that we were on the right track. I appreciate the service so much and I would recommend to any concerned parent!